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Welcome to Charles County FCA

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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FCA Campus Ministry Types

  • FCA Huddles
    A regularly scheduled gathering for the purpose of evangelism, discipleship, outreach and fellowship using the platform of athletics.
  • Team Bible Studies
    A targeted study within a unique team setting/environment that encourages and challenges team members to live and compete according to biblical principles.
  • Character Coaching
    A relationship driven ministry that reaches a specific team (athletes and coaches) through chapel meetings and spiritual/character development.

Who Leads FCA Meetings

  • FCA's "On-Campus" ministry is Student-Led and Student-Initiated.  It is through Student-Athlete leaders, motivated to reach their peers for Christ that Campus Huddles begin and thrive.
  • Coaches/Sponsors provide support and oversight
  • FCA Staff support, provide resources, training and encouragement to the Coaches and Student-Athlete Leaders at each and every Campus 

Charles County Huddles

We have active huddles at all of our High Schools and some of our Middle Schools.  Get involved in the huddles at your school.  Our goal is to have a huddle in every High School and Middle School.  

FCA Camp

FCA Camp takes the best attributes of an athletic-focused camp and a spiritual-focused camp and combines them into an athletic/spiritual experience like none other. FCA Camp removes athletes and coaches from the rut and routine of their sport, friends/co-workers and community and places them into an exciting, healthy, athletic environment that allows them to pursue their passion for sport and clearly see and hear Christ’s passion for them.  Click on link at the top of the page for more information on our Mid Atlantic FCA Camps.

FCA Coaches Ministry 

The ministry program to coaches through huddles, events, training and resources.

Coach is the one of the most influential individuals in our society. It has been said that a coach will influence more people in one year than most people will in a lifetime. FCA seeks to equip and encourage coaches to grow in their faith and become transformational in how they coach their athletes and influence other coaches.  For more information email

Other Opportunities to Serve/Volunteer

Volunteer -  There are countless opportunities to serve with FCA.  You can assist at events, huddles, using your abilities or gifts to assist others in the ministry.  Some opportunities are seasonal and/or event specific.   For more information

Donate - FCA has a variety of ways you can securely support the ministry. From one-time gifts, to monthly gifts, to stocks, cattle and more.

Join Team FCA -  Explore a career of challenge and personal fulfillment that integrates your passion for God and sports. We invite you to learn about the many opportunities with FCA across the country and around the world.  For more information

Want to Join FCA Staff?

Charles County FCA        P.O. Box 1854       La Plata, Maryland 20646     240.416.1977